V.I.P Communications

“Don’t count the people you reach. Reach the people that count”

V.I.P. is the missing piece to your Direct Mail Puzzle.

We provide:

  • Mailing list Management
  • Mailing List cleanup and updates
  • Lists that guarantee to  hit your target market
  • Mail preparation and post office delivery
Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever rented a list that did not produce results?

  • We consult with you and target your list to meet your business specifications.

Did you ever send out a mailer that was sent out late and worse after an event?

  • VIP will deliver your mail to the post office on the date promised.

Do you pay in-house staff to prepare your mail taking them away from other duties?

  • We prepare your mailing off-site and deliver it for you.

Has your mailing piece ever been rejected by the post office because it was designed incorrectly?

  • We review all your materials to make sure they pass the post office test.

Has your mailing ever been turned down because it was too small?

  • We do small and odd jobs-ones that many mailing houses turn away.

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